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30 September 2009 10:15

The new Inpetto single "Catwalk" now exclusive at Beatport

The new single of Inpetto "Catwalk" out now on Beatport.
Presstext: While 'The Milky way' is still rising high, Inpetto are about to drop their second single 'Catwalk'. Pulsating to a similar tempo, this adds soaring sax breakdowns and atmospheric keys pads atop another equally driving back drop, to create an altogether different vibe. Another lush orchestrated soundscape, this modern day tech-etched masterpiece is every bit as More…

26 August 2009 10:15

The brandnew Inpetto single "The Milky Way" - out now

"The Milky Way" is available to download as MP3, or WAV. Download the release "The Milky Way" at Beatport.

23 July 2009 10:15

Video of Independence Day 2 - Cali 2009

As we were asked to go to Colombia, we were excited to be there, to play again in Medellin and to play the first time in Cali. The party in Medellin was great as anticipated. Our expectations for the event in Cali were topped by the colombian people there. It was a great night and we will hopefully come back. muchas gracias, Colombia!

Inpetto @ Independance Day Cali 2009

23 June 2009 19:17

Inpetto is looking forward to Colombia Tour

On 10th July 09 Inpetto is starting a small tour in Colombia alongside Dirty South and Tocadisco. The event is called Independence Day and the first stop will be at Forum in Medellin. On 11th July Inpetto will hit the decks at Centro de Eventos Valle Del Pacifico in Cali. For more information please visit
Sala La Riviera, Madrid05 Jan. 2011